MF ambassadors

Who are Misguided Fools

Misguided fools is the brainchild of three fellas with a shared love of snowboarding and a penchant for the finer things in life: Snow, Music, Drinking beer, having a laugh, taking the piss – we don’t take ourselves too seriously…

But we didn’t re-invent the wheel, we didn’t invent something better than sliced bread – we’re a clothing label formed in 2012 – and a damn good one at that!

Ambasadors are the foot soldiers of the MF.

Here at MF we put ourselves about, we are trying to promote MF all the time. Organising promo events, offering to sponsor competitions, offering to sponsor nights at bars, introducing the brand to potential stockists and shops, making sure the right people in resort are repping the logo – and anything else that will help MF to be recognised.

But we can’t be everywhere. That’s why we have Ambasadors, people who have different contacts to us who, live in different places to us, have different interests to us, people who are passionate about MF, connected, have a bit of ‘nouse’ and can help MF get recognised.

We are looking for ambassadors in the following areas:

– ski resorts
– Wakeboarding
– Skate
– Cornwall surf scene
– UK indoor slopes
– uni ski clubs

So what do ambassadors do?

The job of an ambassador is to Introduce MF to people who would otherwise not be aware that the brand exists, we are specifically looking to

– sponsor competitions. Wakeboarding, skiing, boarding whatever…
– develop relationships with seasonaire bars in ski reorts
– develop relationships with Wakeboarding lakes
– sponsor special events (end of season bbq’s, bar crawls)
– put on our own promotional parties in association with local bars where we bring branding, DJ’s, bands and giveaways.
– get involved with university ski teams

So, as an ambassador – what do I get?

To start with you’ll get official recognition as an MF ambassador – nuff props from the MF family, for a start expect a write up on the mf website and plugs on social media bigging you up, you’ll also receive an exclusive mf ambassadors garment (not general sale, exclusive to ambassadors only!).

But that’s just for starters, we’re looking for people to open doors for us, to do that you’ll need samples of the range – make sure they are in your size and you get to keep them.

From time to time we will do limited run items, you can expect to see the odd one of these coming your way too.

Once a year we will hold an MF ambasador bash, essentially a piss up where you can meet the other dogs from MF, get pissed, get laid and anything else that takes your fancy… On the day there’ll also be an ambasador award ceremony to recognise the good work done over the course of the last year.

Also expect stickers and promo gear galore.

And last but not least you will receive a massive discount on the website price of MF gear and you will also be able to offer your friends a discount too – meaning you can actually make money from promoting MF and get cheap clobber for your homeys! Get an order together between your friends, uni ski team or even from a local shop – whatever and make some cash! This will be subject to a minimum order price tbc.

If accepted as an MF ambassador your first job is to promote MF to all your friends, get them to like us on Facebook, follow us on twitter and interact with us here at MF hq.

You will also be expected to provide us with a piece of monthly feedback – be it in the form of an edit, a report on activity in the area, a series of photos or anything else you feel would help keep us informed of what you’ve been up to over the last month.

Think you have got what it takes? Send us a document back with your proposals and what you think you can do for MF and we’ll be in touch.


3 thoughts on “MF ambassadors

  1. kent brownlie

    I live very close to Castleford and would love to do a bit of merchandising for your awesome brand. 07976662339


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